A+ Rewards to Rapid Rewards®

Converting A+ Rewards Credits into Rapid Rewards Credits

1 a+ Reward Credit -> 1 Rapid Rewards Credit

Credits can be converted in increments of .25 credits. The expiration date of newly created Rapid Rewards Credits will be the same as the original expiration date of the A+ Rewards Credits converted.

Once you reach 16 total combined credits in your Rapid Rewards account, an Award will automatically generate, carrying an expiration date of one year from the date the Award was created.

Note: Only one currency type may be transferred per transaction.

How to Convert Rewards Between Rewards Programs

To read step-by-step instructions on how to convert A+ Rewards to Rapid Rewards, or to view a guided video tour, click on the appropriate link below. Please note: You must be a Member of both programs in order to convert rewards from one program to the other.

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